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Founded in 2019, One Freedom Travel was an almost pre-destined career for owners, Althea and Alan Billingsley . Both granted life-changing experiences galore of both, living and traveling abroad, they entered the travel industry hoping to help others experience various cultures and experiences as well, while simultaneously earning an income doing what they love. 


Both having lived abroad in such places as Japan, Greece, Italy and Guam and having traveled to many more places, Althea and Alan hope to use their experiences to become a top-choice agency for those wanting to break away from the ‘norm’ and plan unforgettably unique group travel experiences. To date, they have been able to plan over 20 trips for motorcycle clubs and culinary travel groups alike, 


Althea and Alan are focused most on the immersive experiences and nostalgic memories that their customers will return home with. Althea recalls a day of horseback riding in Greece as one of her fondest travel memories-for even fulfilling her itinerary with horseback riding through a glorious countryside and on her way to a planned lunch, the simplicity of the smell of freshly baked bread upon her arrival made her feel at home, though thousands of miles away.


The appreciation of that moment is the wealth of experience and expertise you can count on when using One Freedom Travel.

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