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Doula Retreats

Plan your next trip with like-minded family members and friends as you take the immersive leap into a doula retreat!

With One Freedom Travel, you can plan an amazing getaway to the retreat of your choice; honing your craft; gaining new and insightful knowledge; and of course, having some fun along the way.

Get into town a little early and enjoy the culture and cuisine of your destination to begin shifting your mind before the retreat. While you’re at it, stay a few days after to reflect on what you’ve learned while enjoying a new vibe. Cut loose with the girls or hang out with the family, adding a vacation within a vacation. You’ll be glad

you spent the extra days to shift and reflect before and after your retreat. If you’re still deciding on a destination, we can help! With recent scientific publications praising the effects of having a prepartum and/or postpartum doula, it follows that doula workshops

and retreats have become a hot commodity as well.

It’s great news for those looking to gain knowledge in this area as services are now offered in many cities throughout the world. With retreats stationed in U.S.

states from Alaska to Florida and internationally, from the Caribbean

to Asia-this means that you can effectively accomplish your goal while

visiting a destination that you also want to vacation in from most anywhere in the world!

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